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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page. It's been a busy summer. The family has already played in Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Fond du Lac. Rubin says that with the price of gas we might need to think about trading in the bus! Itís such a part of the family, I donít know if we could part with it. I just couldnít imagine what Danny and Keith would do if they had to sit next to each other all the way across the country.

Hereís one of my favorite meals and we cook it while we are driving! Chris made a manifold oven and we use it almost every day.


3 lb of steak
5 large carrot,
3 medium potato,
and a 2 cans pureed tomatoes with garlic and olives (other varieties are available).

I diced the meat and vegetables and placed them in the container, and then added the contents of the canned pureed tomatoes, placed the lid on top, wrapped the container in aluminium foil (to prevent the package from opening or leaking), placed the parcel into the cooking box, and drove to for 6 hours and the meal was fully cooked, hot enough to burn my tongue, and once it had cooled sufficiently, It was fantastic!

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